World missions are built into our church’s DNA. Pastor Paul resigned from a rural NLA church by phone while in London, England headed for Africa to lead a crusade. While ministering in Kenya and Tanzania he was not aware that when he returned to the states he would be preaching in a garage to a congregation of about 15. CCAM was born that day in August 2005. In Jan of 2006 he was back in Africa with the late Dr. T. L. Osborne. In ’06 he held meetings in 6 different nations. “Here I am Lord, send me,”  said Isaiah. That is CCAM! “On my way Lord, I’ll meet you there.” From open air crusades, leadership seminars and conferences to bible schools, we do it all. CCAM also supports several world mission organizations and independent missionaries. Our church also goes on group mission trips to places like Mexico where we have founded and support several sister churches. CCAM believes that a church’s spirituality should be judged by one thing alone. Jesus’ final thought on this earth was “Go into all the world” (Mark 16:15) World missions are the vision our church was founded on and our pastor will not rest until all the world knows or until he sees Jesus.