iPhone Users!!

Hey, guys.  The following email came from Sharefaith:
Apple is releasing version 9 of its Operating System for mobile devices (iOS 9) today. We have made every change that is necessary to ensure that your app is compatible with iOS 9, but Apple did not open app submissions for the new operating system until last Friday, and your app is still in the approval process.

We ask that you do not update your devices to iOS 9 until the new version of your app (version 1.7.0) is approved by Apple. If you do upgrade to iOS 9, everything in your app will continue to work, with the exception of the sermon player. The app will close any time you try to listen to a sermon. We suggest that you send a push notification to your congregation letting them know about this issue. Keep in mind that most people do not update their devices right away.

Your app is currently in the approval process in the App Store. You can keep an eye out for your updated app in the Updates tab of the App Store app. Blessings!